Harnett Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Enhancing Quality of Life

Harnett Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has a longstanding reputation for providing quality care.  Our interdisciplinary team perform together to enhance the quality of life for our residents.

Our teleconference system facilitates staff training via the management office consulting staff. It is an asset to staff training.

The facility uses Viking and Sabina lifts for resident transfers which  provides safe transfers for both the resident and the employee.

The facility uses the Wander Guard system to aid with monitoring wandering residents.  All doors to the facility are armed with an alarm system and will lock if a resident attempts to leave.

Pressure relieving mattresses are provided for residents who have wounds or are at high risk for wounds.  The treatment nurse is trained to do extensive wound care and with using Wound Vacs to assist with healing wounds on residents.

The community  trusts the staff at Harnett Woods Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to provide excellent care and this is indicated by many families having placed multiple family members in our facility.  Often we will have both parents of a family in the facility at the same time.  We have residents who have stayed with us as long as 14 years of the 17 we have been open.